Audit Service Agreement

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all proposals or evaluation audits (the “services”) submitted to one of SGS Societe Generale`s affiliates of Supervisory Company SA or one of its representatives (a company) to a candidate for services (the “customer”) are subject to these terms and conditions of sale and represent the entire agreement (the “contract”) between the client and the entity concerned. (b) a portion of the agreed royalties equals the share (if it exists) of the service actually provided; and the company is free of any liability for the partial or total non-compliance of the required services. “services,” the company`s audits of the client using the audit program. (g) Additional charges are charged for transactions that are not included in the contract and/or (ii) emergency orders, cancellations or service changes, or for partial or full repetitions payable at applicable business rates. If, for any reason, the company is prevented from providing or performing a service for which a contract has been entered into, the customer pays the company (b) compensation: Except in cases of negligence or proven fraud on the part of SGS, the customer also undertakes: SGS and its senior managers, employees, representatives or subcontractors, and all claims (effectively or threatened) by third parties for losses, damages or costs of any kind, including all legal and related costs, and regardless of the (i) resulting from the delivery, alleged provision or non-performance, services or (ii) of the customer`s product, process or service ( , without limiting the rights to liability as a result of the products). “assessment audit request,” the form showing the scope and fees of the services to be performed. (f) Since the fees given to the customer are based on the means indicated and apply to the date of submission of the offer, the company reserves the right to increase its costs if it is found that the customer`s instructions do not comply with the initial indications or are used for the purpose of obtaining a fee offer. Customers are informed of any increase in fees. (c) the company may delegate the provision of all or part of the services to a representative or subcontractor and the customer authorizes the company to provide the representative or subcontractor with all the information necessary for this service. (b) Unless expressly provided, the client may not surrender any of his rights or obligations under this framework without the company`s prior written consent.

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