Crown Funding Agreement Dhb

The Crown Funding Agreement (CFA) is the agreement between the Minister of Health and DHB. Through the CFA, the Crown undertakes to provide funds in exchange for the provision of services, as indicated in the CFA. The discrepancies include, among other things, new government initiatives, pilot programs and changes to service coverage requirements. CFA variations are also required if the change does not result in a change in funding. For example, changes in service coverage expectations or the requirements of the operational directive. CFA variations in these cases ensure transparency and accountability. In this Act, the Crown Financing Agreement refers to an agreement made by the Crown with any person under which the Crown undertakes to provide money in return to the person who provides or organizes services specified in the agreement. negotiate and enter into a Crown financing agreement containing all the terms that can be agreed upon; and negotiate and enter into an agreement that amends a Crown funding agreement; and the CFA contains, as a reference, mandatory requirements listed in operational guidelines and service coverage documents. Under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 (s10), a DHB must have a CFA to obtain crown funding. 7.41The Crown Financing Agreement is the financing mechanism for DHBs. It is based on DAP and, to this extent, DAP is more important to DHB than OSI. Because it contains the information to determine the funding of the crown, it is a fairly detailed document.

The DAP generally contains a larger volume of information, a greater degree of detail and greater use of technical terms and specifications than we would have anticipated in an OSI. A DAP typically contains case volume and weight information for different clinical procedures, as well as a comprehensive list of input, capacity and relationship objectives, processes, reporting and other administrative tasks. Information on the results and results is also presented. It would be primarily an “internal” document, used as a management tool for DHBs and intended to report to the Minister. 7.34 It seems to us that at the time of the report, the Department of Health did not focus on the SOI or the annual report as primary accountability documents addressed to Parliament.

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