Sale Bonus Agreement

defined in the definitive agreement(s) relating to the foreign exchange transaction of the control or, if this is not the case, to the fair value of the property on the date of entry into force of the operation Change of Control, defined in good faith by the board of directors. 7. Legal and cheap appeals. The employee agrees that releasees has the right to enforce this press release and all of its provisions by an injunction, specific service or other appropriate corrective measures, without prejudice to other rights or remedies that may have legal or complacent versions for violation of this press release. The employee expressly acknowledges and agrees that any publication that is not a party to or signatory to this press release is intended as the third party beneficiary of the agreements set forth therein. (b) rights relating to or outside: (i) ownership of employees or ownership rights in shares in the share capital of the company; (ii) rights as security holders or former security holders of the company; (iii) all rights conferred by an agreement between the enterprise and the employee as the holder or former holder of securities of the enterprise; (iv) any other transaction between the employee and the company or one of the shareholders of the company with respect to the share capital of the company and (v) the negotiation and terms of the agreement; 11. Full Publication. This press release represents the entire agreement between you and the versions regarding the subject matter of the contract and supersedes all prior written or oral negotiations and agreements regarding such subject matter. You acknowledge that neither releasees, nor their representatives, nor their lawyers have made any promises, assurances or warranties, either expressly, or implicitly, in writing or orally, that are not contained in this press release to induce you to execute this press release, and you acknowledge that you have executed this press release only by relying on such promises. Insurance and guarantees as contained in this report.

One. Each participant, in consultation with his commercial director, must carry out the following activities: 3) Excluded rights. . . .

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