Sarcastic Agreement Wsj Crossword

My experience improved by working through the grid. It would have been hard for it to get worse. “Congress” hadn`t seen this in a long time. In fact, the last time was probably a National Lampoon article, published a long time ago, titled “How Your Parents Slept” (enough). Thank you very much for your time, my friends! Have a good rest of your Thursday and hope you have a good weekend ahead of you! Stay safe! Keep six feet away from your fellow citizens! Wash your hands! Stay positive if you are able to do so! I`m not a baseball spectator, so I didn`t know about the Gold Glove Award. I`m not a boxing observer either, but I know the phrase “Golden Gloves,” so this entry confused me more than I expected. Hi everyone! Hopefully you`ll all stay safe! MEDICAID is called [Health Discussion Topic]. We would also have accepted [a life-saving safety net, often put on the hash block by politicians who think the poor should die]. The fireball is known for Very Long Clues. Another problem could be the TAU/TAI crossing ([Terpsichores Start]/[Red Snapper, on a sushi menu]).

Put the TAU/ELIHU junction on the U, and you could get in trouble if you didn`t know who [the Yale benefactor] was. That must be it, thank you. Even though I`ve never seen that either. It`s a good movie. Your taste may vary the Gary Jules cover of TFF Mad World is worth hearing. THEME: Golf “oopsies” can be found at the beginning of common phrases. When it comes to filling, I like CRANKS UP, SWANEE RIVER, SURVIVALIST, and ADULT THEMES. The latter surely looked like ADULT SCENES, since I had SCAM for SHAM [Charade] and DRONIO for DROMIO (hey, why not?). I needed this TV-Y input [note for DuckTales] to correct me. Everything else was erd for the course! Intentional pun.

NYT. I`ve missed bingo so far, so I`m impressed too late. Good puzzle. Theme: Sentences with a metal – usually the first word – have this metal “flow” down, probably because it is “heavy” and the inputs are in the vertical direction. I couldn`t bring myself to enter the S into PULPS, because it made SRS start, and I wondered if a bingo card had an empty corner and what was wrong with the pun on “mounting” to complete NAY. In the end, I only looked at SRSLY and wondered where my mistake might be. .

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