Synctoy License Agreement

Step 6: Check to see if I`ve read and understood the above warning, and arrange the license agreement using the option I agree. If a customer has multiple computers, the customer must purchase additional Synctoy Pro licenses for each computer on which the customer installs Synctoy Pro. However, the customer can synchronize the data with a remote computer (with a network disk) without obtaining a license for that computer. Synctoy Developer (“Customer”) grants you a license to use Synctoy and its documentation (“Synctoy”), subject to the provisions applicable separately below. Customers should not use Synctoy Pro for commercial time sharing. The customer cannot lease the Synctoy Pro license to other parties. Customers who have purchased a license for Synctoy Pro obtain a non-exclusive license to use Synctoy Pro on a single computer. The not-for-profit client is defined as a client who uses Synctoy in non-commercial environments for general interest activities. All clients who use Synctoy in a business, government, military, religious institution or lucrative home-based activity are not not-for-profit clients under this agreement. Clients who are students of accredited universities and high schools are classified as non-profit clients, even if a school or university is government-owned and managed by a government.

COMPLETE AGREEMENT: This license represents the entire agreement between the parties regarding the use of Synctoy and the associated documentation and replaces all previous or simultaneous written or oral agreements or agreements on the subject. Any change or modification of this license is binding only if it has been signed in writing and by a duly authorized representative of the developer Synctoy. REFUNDS: The developer refunds the entire amount, which was paid for the Synctoy Pro license though: – The refund request was received by the developer within 30 days of the customer`s purchase date of Synctoy Pro, and – the customer provides a purchase document that represents the initial electronic confirmation of Synctoy Pro, and – developer is able to find the customer in the pro user database (PUMS) from the data provided by the customer. Step 4: Please read the agreement with Microsoft Sync Framework 2.0 Core Components and click the Accept button to continue. The client allows the developer to store this data on the developer`s server. This data is used for purchase tracking, synctoy Pro licenses reactivation, refund and load return tracking, and other after-sales service activities. LICENCE ACTIVATION: The customer heresafter accepts the Synctoy Pro activation process, which requires manual entry of the activation code. The customer also agrees that the Synctoy Pro activation process can be used to secure the provision of this agreement, which allows the use of a Synctoy Pro license on a single computer.

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