The Following Agreement Has Expired Paid Applications

The use of Google Play-certified advertising SDKs is only necessary if you use advertising SDKs to advertise for children. The following rules are allowed without self-certification of an advertising SDK on Google Play, but you still have a responsibility to ensure that your advertising content and data entry practices comply with User Policies and Play Family Policies: Developers who distribute Android instant applications on Google Play must follow the following guidelines , in addition to all other Google Play development policies. In cases where users cannot reasonably expect their personal or sensitive data to be necessary to provide or improve functions or features that comply with your app`s policy (for example. B Data collection takes place in the background of your application), you must meet the following requirements: In addition to the limited permissions mentioned above, the permissions are classified as dangerous. , special or signing, and subject to the following additional requirements and restrictions: Although different in type and capabilities, malware usually has one of the following objectives: I don`t think you should accept the paid application. However, I see no way to terminate the contract, so it is likely that you will contact Apple directly. It is clear that they want me to accept the new agreement, but I cannot find it anywhere. I had the same problem and I was disturbed because my company does not have paid applications. I asked Apple to use the application request, but they said they couldn`t and they still had us fill it out. I have had a developer account for a few years and I have been successfully publishing paid applications for a while. Today, when I log in to iTunes Connect, I see above a new message: I submitted some free applications. Now, I`m trying to update one of the free apps, and the main page of iTunes Connect tells me: Before a user is signed up for your subscription, you need to clearly and accurately describe the terms of your offer, including the duration, prices and description of accessible content or services.

Tell your users how and when a free trial version is converted to a paid subscription, how much does the paid subscription cost and which a user can cancel if they don`t want to convert to a paid subscription. Some codes, although they technically reveal sms-sending behavior, introduce additional behaviors that charge for SMS fraud. For example, the concealment of parts of a disclosure agreement before the user, its illegible nature and the conditional oppression of SMS messages from the mobile operator that inform the user of the fees or confirm the subscription. We only allow fantasy sport (DFS) applications as defined by local law on a daily basis if they meet the following requirements: To update my free application, it seems that I have only one way to achieve the goal – by maintaining this requirement button and accepting the agreement that appears immediately.

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