Thrifty Car Rental Agreement

If I am a U.S. federal government employee who is traveling on official business travel and has a travel order, travel permit, or government loading card that I present when collecting the rental vehicle, you will charge me a Mandatory Administrative Surcharge (GARS) of $5.00 per day. 15. The Renter shall return the Vehicle to Thrifty or its representative at the location indicated at the front of this Agreement during or before the end of the Lease, and if the Lessee wishes to extend the term of the Lease, the Lessee shall seek Thrifty`s agreement to continue the rent (in which case, the Renter shall pay an additional rental fee for an agreed extension of the rent). If the renter does not comply with this clause, the renter may be held responsible for the costs of late return of the vehicle or return to a place other than the one agreed. The car can only be driven by an authorized renter. *Uninsured or uninsured coverage of a motorist or motor vehicle or other “no fault” or other optional coverage is not provided, unless such coverage is required by the law of the State where the vehicle is rented despite the terms of the rental agreement, in which case they must be within the minimum limits prescribed by the legislation in force. To the extent permitted by law, Thrifty, the Company and the Tenant object to the inclusion of such coverage. Any protection against third party liability rights granted to tenants under this Agreement is granted, at Thrifty`s option, by a self-insurance certificate, insurance policy and/or indemnification. 3.1 Your rental of the vehicle from us is made for the duration of the rental at the price indicated in the rental details document. Rental Agreement means the vehicle rental agreement between you and Thrifty. Additional authorizations (Holds) are also obtained if the vehicle is not returned by the date/time indicated in the rental agreement or if the initial rental conditions change, which results in additional charges. 5.31 Regardless of any other provision of this rental agreement, if another person is responsible for paying the rental fee or other fee payable under an agreement we have with that person (third-party payer), we will only charge you for the fees for which the third-party payer is not liable under our agreement with them.

If we agree with the Thrifty Charge account holder that all fees in the rental agreement will be charged to a Thrifty Charge account, those fees will not be charged to you, but to the Thrifty Charge account. . . .

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