Umbc Merit Scholarship Agreement

The normal academic examination process will resume at the end of the fall semester 2020. If you have any questions, we can refer you to a UMBC Scholarships contributor: UMBC offers competitive performance scholarships for future Maryland Community College Transfer students, including undocumented students and DACA. Transfer grants are awarded on the basis of academic results, timely and complete applications. Students can receive either the AAAT Award or the PTK Award, but not both. Compensation awards do not require a separate application. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the Office of Financial and Scholarships has decided to waive academic audit measures for the spring 2020 semester for all UMBC Merit Scholars. As a result, each exchange of general value below the minimum requirements of its scholarship contract is automatically put on the stock exchange, but retains the full amount of the premium for the next fall 2020 semester. Scholarship students: Several UMBC scholarship programs require students included in their program to live on campus in their Living Learning Community (LLC) residence. Students should refer to their scholarship agreement and/or contact their program director to confirm specific residency requirements. Merit Fellows who choose to change all spring 2020 course grades from A, B, C or D to a passport (P) will not be penalized if the minimum registration requirements set out in their official award agreement are not met. However, it is imperative that scientists keep in mind that changing a course note in (P) Pass has no positive or negative effect on its notion and/or cumulative MPA.

The cumulative average score (AMP) of merit researchers, as indicated in their merit award contract, remains unchanged. Scholars are required to sign an agreement to formally accept their offer pending the published date. Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships are institutionally funded and the award is managed by the UMBC Merit Scholarship Unit on the basis of the above criteria. Therefore, membership in the Fachhochschule in the PTK does not automatically guarantee the continuation of this scholarship. Any fellow who is currently on probation will be removed from the probation system if he or she has successfully achieved the required average (MPA) and/or the end of registration during this semester. Scholars who receive more than $10,000 per year in a performance-based award may see a reduction in premiums if they opt for off-campus housing. Housing reviews are conducted every fall and spring semesters and premium adjustments are made before the addition/drop date. For more information, scientists are invited to keep a copy of their scholarship agreement in order to refer to their award conditions.

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