University Of Toledo Housing Agreement

The Housing Agreement (“Agreement”) is a legally binding agreement between you (“Residents”) and the University of Toledo (“University”), a public university based at 2801 W. Bancroft Street, Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390 for the occupancy of a room in the residences of the University (“Premises”). Once the agreement has been signed, submitted and accepted by the university, it applies to the entire academic year (autumn semester and spring semester) and can only be terminated under the following conditions. In order to reduce the risk of delinquent or defaulting residents, we require applicants to make available to someone who guarantees their housing contract. Justin See, Regional Enrollment Manager- Greater Columbusjustin.see@utoledo.eduPhone: 614-951-9966Text: 614-441-8387 Is there any additional charge for cancelling my accommodation? If your request to cancel your housing contract is accepted, you will be responsible for room and meal fees until the time of departure and, if applicable, a non-negotiable cancellation fee of USD 100 may be charged. You must leave your residence until the exit date indicated in your decision email. If your request to terminate the housing contract is rejected AND you withdraw from campus, you will be responsible for 100% of your room and meal expenses for the rest of your housing contract. 6. PAYMENT OF FEES: All fees, including accommodation and catering costs, tuition fees and all other related fees, are due and payable, as required by the university. The resident is not allowed to access university shelters or restoration funds if the resident`s credit is not fully paid or until an approved payment plan is available.

If the resident is late in meeting the payment dates of any of the resident`s financial obligations, the university may seek any remedy under the law or equity, including the specific performance of the resident`s obligations, or demand cash damages. The resident undertakes to pay all reasonable fees, attorneys` fees and expenses incurred by the university for the application of this provision. 22. TERMINATION OF THE HOUSING CONTRACT BY THE UNIVERSITY: the housing contract may be terminated by the university for violation of the law, violation of the contract, violation of the rules or directives of the university or residence, behavior or existence of such conditions that would harm the health, safety or well-being of the resident or other persons in a reasonable probability; withdrawal of student status; or non-payment of housing or university fees….

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