University Of Washington Data Use Agreement

The Personal Data Processing Agreement (PDPA) contributes to the UW`s data protection values and principles and addresses laws and regulations governing the protection of personal data. The Access and Use Agreement provides clear, accurate and consistent information on access and rights of individuals, UW information systems and institutional UW information to be used. It is said that individuals are responsible for the protection of the privacy and security of all UW data that they use from information systems from which they have access, regardless of how or where the data is created, managed or stored. This agreement is used by various UW information systems. If GW is the supplying party, ORI can assist in the development of AADs or provide an approved standard agreement (for example. B, the federal demonstration partnership – data transfer and use agreement). To begin the verification process, please provide the requested information through the DUA admission form (GW NetID request required). Check Agree Considerations To verify the status of a contract that is not intended for grant proposals or other project membership agreements, corporate membership and program delivery (CAPS and RAPS) or international affiliations. The Privacy Statement (DSPA) has been withdrawn for certain third-party agreements containing personal data and replaced by the Personal Data Processing Agreement (see below). OvPR is reviewing the terms of the proposed DUAs in order to access and use the data as soon as a data management plan has been approved. The ATF eGC1 is an eGC1 with an agreement. The ATF includes both bonus and non-premium contracts. For more information on the types of contracts.

ORI only verifies THE terms and conditions of DUA. It is the examiner`s responsibility to ensure that GW is able to meet the administrative, technical and physical security requirements of the data. ORI strongly recommends that auditors cooperate with their local IT units or with the Information Technology Division`s Office of Risk and Compliance to develop data management plans for data access, protection, storage and retention before DUAs are audited. Although DMPs are not required to perform DUAs, ORI and IA must be monitored to verify that a computer audit has been conducted. The GW Privacy Office has developed a useful resource for understanding and finding different policies and instructions regarding the management and retention of data and records. Information Security Policy: All university members are required to protect academic data from unauthorized production, access, modification, disclosure, transmission or destruction. Some data require specific protection and some of these safeguards may be provided by data exchange or transfer agreements, usually referred to as data use agreements with other parties. On request, ORI can provide guidance on the terms and conditions of the ACA in which GW participates.

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