Band Copyright Agreement

Who has the right to use this name, is it something that only one member owns or is part of the group, no matter who comes and goes? Hello, years ago I was in a band with 3 other people, and we wrote a song together, and this song was distributed by a few labels/companies as a compilation CD. This was done by one of the members of the group without my knowledge. I have an audio recording of the practice where we wrote the song from beginning to end. Royalties were paid more than likely, but I was never compensated. What is the best way to get compensation at this point for my role in creating the song? Unfortunately, without a copyright registration document that states your role/role, it`s a fierce fight for you. If you protected your lyrics before the singer did anything to them, you`re golden. The oral agreement will not stand in court (unless you hire a better lawyer than the singer). If you have saved the agreement on your phone, you may have a chance. NEVER SHARE YOUR TEXTS, MUSIC OR IDEAS WITH ANYONE UNTIL YOU HAVE PROTECTED THEM BY COPYRIGHT.

EVEN IF IT`S SOMEONE YOU TRUST. I`m not screaming. Just attach importance to extremely important information. I protected the copyright a bit last month. The cost is now $55/app. It`s worth protecting your work. .

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