Enabling Agreements

Different service contracts with the relevant core services are defined in the form of masters enabling agreements (MEA). These agreements can only be developed by the CSU Chancellery; However, they are designed to offer specific services available to all UHC sites provided by predefined providers. The building permit for all UHC projects can be executed directly from the Deputy Building Official (CDBO) campus or on its behalf by one of the approved audit firms of the plan under system-wide agreements. Plan audit firms only issue an opinion and recommendation on compliance with the code or non-compliance. The CDBO is responsible for the official decision regarding code authorization. To that end, the public procurement officer should follow generally recognised rules, developed by judges and arbitrators, in order to remove any ambiguity in the contractual language. This implies: it is obvious that the staff members of one party cooperate directly with their colleagues in the organization of the other party, people who speak their language and understand their policies and practices. These colleagues often bypass formal channels of communication and such relationships can lead to informal and undocumented agreements that deviated from contractual terms. Such informal agreements often lead to situations of unauthorized commitment or indulgence caused by an apparent authority, which is unintentionally communicated by the person responsible for the acquisition.

It is important that all parties take into account that the written contract is the agreement until it is formally amended – such a change is not just a formality. There are currently two types of agreements, one for photovoltaic installations and the other for battery energy storage installations. These types of agreements are known in the industry as power purchase agreements. These MEAs can provide the main building blocks of campuses to create energy resilience through microgrids that can operate part of the campus in the event of a grid power outage. Sites always have the option to either select suppliers from the MEA list or enter into service contracts with another qualified company…

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